The Ideal Building

The Ideal Building

Ideal Steel Uses Mass Customization Techniques to Design and Manufacture Custom Buildings and Steel Components.

Even though supply can be limited and long lead times are to be expected, structural steel continues to be popular in construction, according to the American Institute of Steel Construction.

The organization attributes this to steel’s durability, flexibility and strength, but says members of the industry who consistently perform quality work also drive growth in the market. Ideal Steel of Broussard, LA, has been recognized as one of these firms. Ideal Steel was founded in 2002 with a goal of offering “ideal building solutions” that meet and exceed industry standards and customer needs. The company has the capability to design and create custom buildings and steel components using mass-customization techniques for the commercial, industrial, retail and agriculture markets.

As a result, it says, Ideal Steel’s customers receive “a building specifically suited for their needs” at the price of a standard building. The company explains it started out with quality and customer service as its top priorities. “Our commitment to our customer has helped our business grow while maintaining our focus on building strong relationships. From the initial contact through project completion, we emphasize clear communication, attention to detail and rapid response. We approach each project as an opportunity to ear trust, respect and future business.”

Ideal Steel employs 100 workers and sells its products in 32 states. The company notes it designs and manufactures custom buildings and steel components for the commercial, industrial, retail and agricultural markets. Its manufacturing warehouse covers more than 101,000 square feet of space.


Its dedication to quality and service led Ideal Steel to be named as one of seven companies across the state to receive the 2008 Louisiana Lantern Award, presented annually by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED) for manufacturing excellence and community involvement.

The company’s growth in employment and facility expansion were also cited by the state in announcing the award. Louisianan Economic Development’s annual Lantern Awards ceremony is held in recognition of outstanding manufacturing businesses from across the state.

“The winners are selected from the states eight regional planning and development districts and are chosen based on community contribution, employee growth and facility expansion,” LED says. “Each business also must demonstrate sustainability by having been in operation at least three years prior to the nomination.”


Ideal Steel’s products fall under two main categories – Commercial and Bayou Buildings. Its pre-engineered steel commercial buildings are created with customized manufactured parts and then are assembled using a modular method of construction. Ideal says that by combining the strength of the individual components, it can custom design building systems to fit a range of needs.

The company explains these buildings can have clear span widths from 20 to 200 feet and modular width from 80 to 400 feet, are easily expanded, have high resale and investment value because of their design flexibility, and are created to be erector friendly.

Bayou Buildings are made to be easily erected by customer, Ideal says. Bayou Buildings’ kits are manufactured with the same commercial grade material that Ideal uses for every system, and are designed to comply with customers’ local building codes.

Engineered and “built to last,” the company says, Bayou Buildings are constructed using components such as beam, bolts, clips and ZAC fasteners. Ideal Steel says these buildings are made for many uses, including:

  • → Extra Garage
  • → Home Office
  • → Recreation Room
  • → Outdoor Kitchen
  • → Storage
  • → Hobby Room
  • → Repair Shop

“Buildings are designed as systems,” the company says. “Each component is fabricated to work with every other component for mutual support and strength. We guarantee that our completed buildings will meet or exceed all design and code requirements in th3e most practical and cost effective way possible.”


Ideal Steel says its “highly experienced team” combines more than 600 years of experience in the metal building industry. Its engineering and detailing team offers 142 years of pre-engineered steel experience; sales and customer services boast 200 years; and its pre-engineered shop personnel have dedicated a combined 327 years.

The company also gains experience by being an associate member of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Ideal Steel says its fabrication tolerances are in accordance with recommended standard of the American Iron and Steel Institute, AISC, The American Welding Society and the Metal Building Manufactures Association.

“Ideal Steel backs its buildings with product warranties,” the company says. “Our product warranty covers the durability and safety of our design. In addition, exterior roof and wall materials are covered by material manufacturer warranties ranging up to 30 years.”

By: Manufacturing Today
Fall 2008 Page 68-69


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