Welcome to Ideal Steel

Ideal Steel was founded in 2002 with a goal of offering ideal building solutions that meet and exceed industry standards and customer needs. We have the capability to design and create custom buildings and steel components using mass-customization techniques for the commercial, industrial, retail and agriculture markets. The benefits are clear. Our customers receive a building specifically suited for their needs at the price of a standard building.

Buildings are designed as systems. Each component is fabricated to work with every other component for mutual support and strength. We guarantee that your completed building will meet or exceed all design and code requirements in the most practical and cost-effective way possible.

Ideal Steel began with quality and customer service as its top priorities. Our commitment to our customers has helped our business grow while maintaining our focus on building strong relationships. From the initial contact through project completion, we emphasize clear communication, attention to detail and rapid response. We approach each project as an opportunity to earn trust, respect and future business.

Our Experience:

Ideal Steel’s highly experienced team combines over 600 years of experience in the metal building industry. Our engineering and detailing team offers 142 years of pre-engineered steel experience. Sales and customer services boast 200 year and our pre-engineered shop personnel have dedicated a combined 327 years.

The company is an associate member of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Our fabrication tolerances are in accordance with recommended standards of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), The American Welding Society (AWS) and the Metal Building Manufactures Association (MBMA).

Ideal Steel also backs its buildings with product warranties. Our product warranty covers the durability and safety of our design. In addition, exterior roof and wall materials are covered by material manufacturer warranties ranging up to 30 years.